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Bonar, Horatius. Light & Truth. Bible Thoughts & Themes


When the local church in the small Scottish border town of Kelso received its fresh, young minister, they could hardly have known they possessed one of the Church's great treasures.  The genuine and lively piety of his soul and the evident skill and competency of his mind were reflections of the best of the age. Devotionally, he was nurtured by friendship with the saintly Robert Murray M'Cheyne. And for his training, it had been effected under the earnest and skillful tutelage of the eminent Thomas Chalmers, one of the great evangelical minds of the early 19th century.

From the very beginning, the pulpit was supplemented by his eager pen. With editorial work for The Presbyterian began a steady flow of sanctified literary labor that would not be complete until he had authored dozens of valuable titles. Among the many volumes were influential practical works such as God's Way of Peace and God's Way of Holiness, which were used to bring multitudes to rest in the sufficiency of the Savior as both Justifier and Sanctifier of His people. Other topics handled included eschatology, doctrinal issues and controversy, and pastoral concerns. His historically motivated devotional work, Words Old and New, is still in print today and remains a valuable entrance into the world of reformation and puritan era divines, both of reputation and obscurity. Then, in his spare time, there were volumes of poetry and a multitude of hymns, many of which have since obtained status as standards of the faith. 

While many of his choice devotional works have been reprinted in popular editions, generally mass market paperbacks, his most ambitious work, Light & Truth, has been available only to persistent booklovers with an ample supply of both funds and smiling providences. For the first time since the late 19th century, all five volumes are available.  The strength of the work is its versatility.  It is sound enough for the study, sweet enough for the closet, and simple enough for the child.  The five volumes cover the entire Canon, with the greatest concentration being on the New Testament. Reflecting Bonar's lifetime of study on the prophetic books, an entire volume is devoted to The Revelation.

The five volumes are divided as follows:

1. Old Testament

2. Gospels

3. Acts & Greater Epistles

4. Lesser Epistles

5. The Revelation

Over 1500 pages in five volumes!

Bound in heavy woven cloth and beautifully embossed, the smyth-sewing insures long-lasting durability.

Additionally, the set is accompanied by a CD-Rom containing a core collection of the works of Horatius Bonar in PDF format.

Titles include:

Light & Truth (all five volumes)

The Kelso Tracts

The Night of Weeping

Truth & Error

The Story of Grace

The Blood of the Cross

The Morning of Joy

A Stranger Here

Follow the Lamb

God's Way of Peace

God's Way of Holiness

The Everlasting Righteousness

The Rent Veil

Words to Winners of Souls

How Shall I Go to God?

Gospel of the Holy Spirit's Love

Horatius Bonar: A Memorial

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